These are the important conditions and exclusions that you need to be familiar with before you buy your travel insurance policy:
  1. You will need to pay by credit card through the secure payment gateway. Once your transaction is completed, you will receive your policy documents via the email address that you provide.
  2. If you need advice, contact Regent Travel Insurance on 0861 900 801 or at
  3. Your travel insurance policy must be issued before your journey starts and the policy start and end dates must match your date of departure and arrival back to your country of residence. You must have a return travel ticket. Cover ends when you return to your country of residence, even if you return early.
  4. The maximum travel period that we will provide cover for is 1 year from the date of departure.
  5. Regent can only provide cover for medical expenses to South African residents on international journeys outside of South Africa.
  6. Inbound Cover is only for non-South African residents and citizens who are visiting South Africa.
  7. There is no medical expenses cover for Local Cover – SA residents travelling locally.
  8. Cover for medical expenses are provided for EMERGENCY and NECESSARY expenses. If you are hospitalised or any medical treatment is require while you are abroad you MUST contact us immediately on +27 11 991 8419. Medical treatment is provided up to the time that you are stable and a fit to fly is provided by the treating doctor. If further treatment is still required, you will be repatriated back home for further treatment.
  9. Pre-existing medical conditions cover is provided on certain options of cover if you are 69 years or younger, but cover is subject to a minimum of 48 hours hospitalisation and there is no cover for doctors’ visits and medicines. Check the Schedule of Benefits to ensure your cover of choice provides pre-existing medical expenses cover.
  10. If you are over the age of 69 years, there is no cover for pre-existing medical conditions.
  11. If you are over the age of 69 years, there is no cover for vascular, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular (heart and stroke related) conditions.
  12. Adventure Sports cover is provided up to the age of 69 years, but there are some activities that will not be covered. Please check the policy terms and conditions to make sure you are covered for any activities you may participate in or call us on 0861 900 801.
  13. Scooter and motor cycle driving is covered provided the engine capacity is below 200cc. You must have a valid motor cycle licence (including when driving a scooter) and you must wear a helmet. NB: if you are travelling to Thailand, you will not be covered for medical expenses due to an accident while scooter driving if you do not meet these requirements.
  14. There is no cover under the Personal Accident benefit while participating in an adventure activity.
  15. Pregnancy, childbirth and any pregnancy related conditions are excluded after the 25th week of pregnancy.
  16. Accompanying, dependent children under the age of 21 years, may be added to certain products at no additional charge, but will then share the cover limits with the parents. A maximum of 5 children may be added to a policy for free.
  17. Children sharing cover means that if the limit of cover for Cancellation of Journey is R20,000 this limit is shared with the parent and all children.
  18. Family cover is available on certain products. Family cover provides discounted rate (10%) for spouses travelling together, each enjoying full cover. Dependent children under the age of 21 years may be added to the policy for free, but will then share in cover with the parents. A maximum of 5 children may be added to a policy for free.
  19. Children sharing cover on a Family policy means that if the limit of cover for Cancellation of Journey is R20,000 for each adult, the total limit on the policy is R40,000 and all family members share in this limit.
  20. Cover for cancellation for your journey is only provided due to certain events, such as:
    1. Injury, illness, death (pre-existing medical conditions are excluded);
    2. Theft or immobilisation of your vehicle while on the way to the airport;
    3. Your retrenchment 30 days before your date of departure;
    4. Cancellation or diversion of your flights due to unexpected strikes or industrial action;
    5. Unexpected terrorist incidents in a city on your itinerary;
    6. Theft of your travel documents;
    7. A traumatic event 30 days before your date of departure.
  21. Loss of or damage to baggage personal items due to an airline carrier, rail or coach operator must be reported to them before you leave the terminal or airport and a written irregularity report must be obtained as proof of the damage or loss.
  22. Loss of or damage to personal items due to theft or vandalism must be reported to a local police station within 24 hours of the incident and a written police report must be obtained that provides us with the proof of the loss or damage to the specific items. A police case number must be recorded.
  23. Accidental loss of personal items will only be covered if proof of the incident (e.g. affidavit) is provided and proof of ownership or purchase is provided.
  24. Cover for loss or damage to baggage and personal items is limited and single item limits apply. Please take note of these in your Schedule of Benefits and ensure that any valuable items are insured on an All Risk policy.
  25. If you wish to extend your policy while you are abroad, contact us at least 1 week before your policy expires. If there has been no change in your health (no medical claims experienced) and the maximum period of cover allowed on the policy will not be exceeded, we will review your extension, subject to the payment of any additional premium.
  26. Wilful and foreseen exposure to war and terrorism is excluded.
  27. A policy may be cancelled before the start of a journey and premiums will be refunded, provided that a visa has not been approved based on the policy, unless the entire journey is also cancelled.
  28. These conditions and exclusions are not exhaustive. Please read the policy terms and conditions before you purchase your policy. Click here for the full policy terms and conditions.
Not all policies contain all the benefits mentioned below – check the Schedules of Benefits for a listing of benefits per policy:
This essential benefit provides cover for unexpected illness or injury and covers the emergency and necessary medical treatment. This will cover out-patient treatment, hospitalisation, evacuation, repatriation and return of mortal remains.
This benefit pays out a cash benefit for death or permanent disablement due to an accident. You are not covered for Personal Accident cover when you are participating in an Adventure Sport or Hazardous Activity.
Europ Assistance provides some added value assistance services in certain emergencies, such as cash advances, legal assistance and household assist.
  1. Cancellation of your insured journey before it starts
    1. We will cover irrecoverable pre-paid expenses if you cannot travel at all due to the events mentioned in point 20 above.
  2. Cutting your journey short after it has started
    1. We will cover irrecoverable pre-paid expenses if you need to return home early due to certain events.
  3. Cancellation due to your visa application being denied
    1. You must meet all visa requirements.
  4. Cancellation due to any reason
    1. Only available on certain products. View the schedule of benefits to check where cover is available.
    2. You must buy your policy within 24 hours of paying a deposit for your travel ticket.
    3. The cancellation must be made more than 48 hours before your booked departure.
    4. You must not have known about the reason for cancelling when you buy your policy.
  5. Postponement of your journey
    1. We will cover irrecoverable pre-paid expenses if you cannot travel at all due to certain events.
  6. Travel supplier insolvency cover
    1. We will cover irrecoverable pre-paid expenses if you cannot travel due to your travel supplier (e.g. airline) being liquidated. This does not cover a travel agent who is liquidated.
  7. Travel delay
    1. Cover for essential expenses when your scheduled departure is delayed due to strike, bad weather or mechanical breakdown.
  8. Missed connection
    1. If you miss a connecting flight due to the delay of the incoming flight we will pay for you to continue your original itinerary. You must leave 4 hours between your incoming and departure flights.
  9. Natural disaster cover
    1. If your prepaid accommodation is destroyed due to a natural disaster, we will pay for the unused accommodation and the additional accommodation expenses for new alternative accommodation.
Cover for the theft of, loss or damage to your personal belongings, cash and travel documents. We also pay for essential items if your baggage is delayed. Single item limits apply and expensive items should be covered on an All Risks policy.
You must check your baggage and personal items before you leave the terminal and report any loss or damage to the transport carrier and obtain an irregularity report. Loss or damage to due theft other than a transport carrier must be reported to the local police within 24 hours and a copy of the police report must be obtained. The items lost/stolen/damaged must be included in the reports.
The irregularity and police reports are your proof of the event occurring and proof of your loss. Without these we cannot assess your claim.
We cover costs if you become legally liable for accidental harm to a person or their property.
This benefit pays out a cash benefit for each full day you are detained under duress if the public transport in which you are travelling is hijacked.
We pay reasonable fees and expenses as a direct result of your kidnap or wrongful detention. The cover is only provided under Luxury Leisure Cover and Business Complete Cover. There is no cover for ransoms or other payments made to the persons holding you against your will.
Reimburses you for the excess you have paid on a rental car insurance claim experienced during your insured journey. Cover is provided on Luxury Leisure Cover and Business Complete Cover.
For an additional premium we will waive all excesses, other than the 48 hour hospitalisation excess under pre-existing medical conditions cover.
Europ Assistance South Africa is our claims assistance partner and manages claims on our behalf. If you have a medical emergency while you are on your journey, call Europ Assistance on +27 11 991 8419 immediately and they will assist you.
Non-medical or non-emergency claims can be submitted upon your return back to South Africa. Contact Europ Assistance on +21 11 991 8419 or e-mail them at . A claim form will be sent to you, which must be completed and submitted back to this email address along with all supporting documents.
A claim must be submitted to us within 60 days of your return back to South Africa.
I have read the disclosures and the policy terms and conditions and accept the policy terms and conditions. I would like to proceed to buy a travel insurance policy